Progress Report: We Added Clapham

A quick progress update:

  • Places on the list: 59
  • but 4 are closed, so there are 55 that we can actually visit
  • and we’ve done 15
  • (one of which wasn’t a pub)
  • which means that so far, we’re about 27% done.

So clearly the correct thing to do at this point in proceedings is… add more pubs!

RealAleRocks and I decided to extend our range to include Clapham, since it’s perfectly walkable from town. So that’s three more to add onto the list: Fox & Hounds, The Star, and Horse & Groom, bringing us up to 58. Oh, and I almost forgot: The Anchor. So we’re back up to 59 again.

For reference, here’s an updated map, with a little colour coding for “done” vs “todo”:

Progress report before Clapham

Read on to see which one we did next!