Meta: Why blogging about pubs is hard

Coffee, phone, paper, pen. The paper is blank.

OK, it’s not that hard. Draft posts are being assembled, talking about actual beer in real life pubs. And of course, even before the writing … pubs are being visited. Cooooool. So: why no published posts yet, after I ended the opener with “best get cracking soon”?

Among the various questions that RealAleRocks and I have been asking ourselves recently are:

  • Would it be bad if our real names were linked to this project? (yes)
  • (Oh, and do we have to explain any of our answers to you? no).
  • Would it be bad if, even if they didn’t know our names, someone read what we published, and thought “Yeah, I saw two women in here earlier who I’ve not seen before, I bet it was them”? (yes)
  • Would it be bad if, from whatever we publish, you can tell when we visited? Image timestamps, the weather, mentions of news or sport events, are all clues. (no, that seems fine)
  • Do we have to publish in the same order that we visit? (no). I’ll expand on this one a little: basically, the more we feel like we stick out like a sore thumb – and in some pubs, I’m sure this will be the case – the larger the gap we’ll probably leave between visit and publication.

Neither of us has really done anything like this before, and certainly not together. I named this blog Girl Meets Pint because, well, a blog has to have a name. I named my new Twitter account the same thing, for consistency, and lack of imagination. RealAleRocks has a pseudonym too, which is necessarily different. Does it matter that the blog is named after my pseudonym? As opposed to a third name (GirlMeetsPint and RealAleRocks, publishing under the name “Pint Me In The Right Direction”, for example. Hmm. Not bad). While it was me who suggested to her that we could embark upon this effort, it’s not my project, it’s ours.

There’s no way either of us could do this individually. For safety reasons (“See you later, I’m just off to that really rough-looking pub that we always steer well clear of, to see if I can have a pint without getting beaten up. Bye!”), and also just because of the way we see the world – we visit the same places, but see things very differently. I might feel comfortable in a certain scenario, but that’s only because I haven’t noticed what she has – that double-take, those looks, the way his eyes tracked us across the room. Plus, my opinions of beer are, frankly, rubbish. On a good day I can tell you “hoppy”, “malty”, “dry”, but as for more refined thoughts, or knowing that “this beer doesn’t normally taste like this”, I come a cropper. She’s far better at that stuff than I am.

So we’re working out how to blend our voices together. We won’t just do duplicate posts (nobody wants to read two largely-overlapping reviews for each pub), nor do we want to write without making it clear whose words are whose, especially if blog name = my pseudonym – that would look like I was taking all the credit. That’s why this is a work in progress.

We will get there, and we have started. But navigating the world as two women, as a couple, sometimes brings its own challenges. We don’t get to play life on the lowest difficulty setting there is, and so things take a little longer.

Image by Kaboompics, licence: CC0.